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We are UK wholesalers of fossils, minerals, crystals, gemstones, jewellery and stone products. Mineral wholesale

We are known for a massive stock of minerals, crystals and fossils – both popular and rare – our competitive prices and international expertise. Whether you like your rocks polished, tumbled or carved, whether you're looking for ammonites, trilobites or meteorites; shark teeth or dinosaur poo; amber or amethyst; pocket-money fossils; sets for kids or semi-precious and fossil jewellery for grown-ups; metaphysical crystals, crystal balls or wands; pendants, pendulums or polished eggs, we can meet your every need.

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Our warehouse in Bristol features the UK's widest range of wholesale fossils, call today to arrange a visit +44 (0) 117 982 5561 or view many of them in our new online shop »

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We are continually updating our stock, sourcing new and exciting products for your customers! To see our full range, come and visit us in Bristol where you can enjoy the pick of the crop! In the meantime if you can't see what you want on the web site or need any help at all, call us on 0117 982 5561. In the meantime happy shopping »

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Simon Cohen started Fossils in 1977, and has amassed a vast knowledge of the rock business. Keep up to date with new discoveries in the world of fossils via Simon's Fossil News blog »

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